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UK Speeding Fines Are You Really Guilty?

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UK Speeding Fines Are You Really Guilty? 

  A brief synopsis; ‘UK Speeding Fines Are You Really Guilty?’ is the write up of legal research into multiple failures in the administration of speeding penalties. When people consider contesting speeding allegations, they look for technicalities, not challenges against the administration of the penalty process, which is far more potent. There is a stigma with technicalities that a person is looking to escape justice. Challenging breaches of statute rights is far more ethical and therefore legitimate. This book provides an armament of knowledge, but the findings from the analysis shows a phenomenal number of anomalies that cannot be accidental and can only suffice a possible ambition.       

Why Brexit? by Garry Sherwin

  You have heard many voices on the analysis of Brexit, but have you heard the opinions from those that really matter? The working class; those that suffer the ignorance and indifference imposed upon them by the arrogant. It’s time you listened.
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